Is this it?

Some of the things covered in Week 1 at #WarringtonAlpha – it’s easy to go through life:  thinking ‘Is this it? There’s got to be more to life than this.’

In places like Warrington and generally the UK we can look around as we go shopping, and identify that many people have all the material comforts they desire, together with such non-material blessings as a happy family, and yet lead lives of desperation, understanding nothing but the fact that there is a hole inside of them. And however much food and drink they pour into it, however many motorcars and flat screen televisions they stuff it with, regardless of how many well balanced children and loyal friends they parade around the edges of their lives, it aches.

Some guests at our Alpha course thought, looking back, that’s what they have been experiencing: there is a kind of hole, sort of like a hunger – maybe a spiritual hunger.

Well Jesus said: ‘I’m the bread of life.’ He said: ‘I’m the one who can satisfy this spiritual hunger’ that really nothing else satisfies.

#WarringtonAlpha has started looking at the questions people want to ask about God, faith and much more. You’re Invited to join in from Week 2, when we look at exploring who Jesus is.

Anyone can attend even if you are non-Christian. Christians and non-Christians are equally welcome on this course to explore and find out more.

Come along to #WarringtonAlpha, every Wednesday evening 7-9:15pm until the 10th July 2019 at St. Ann’s Church, Warrington.Slide1